Most people that have a Roof Replaced are usually relieved to have the job completed so the first thing they do is breath a sigh of relief in knowing that they've just put a big investment behind them and that their Roof will be in good shape for a number of years to come. While this may be true they usually fail at the important task of Roof maintenance, which just like your vehicle needs a tune up from normal wear an tear. 

If you think about it, a Roof takes a real beating from the elements and still looks nice for many years, matches your home's color scheme and protects everything you hold valuable inside your home. The same way you rely on your car to perform and take you from point A to point B day in and day out, you rely on your Roof to take you from Summer to Winter year after year. Don't neglect your Roof give it a good Tune up every two to three years and at least have it inspected yearly to make sure everything is still fine up there.

So where do you start with Roof Maintenance? Here is a checklist:

1.) Check Pipe Boots - Re-Seal around Pipe or Change Boot if cracked or dry rotted.

2.) Flashing - Re-caulk all Step and Counter flashings, check for bends, splits etc Change where necessary.

3.) Check all Heat Stacks, Storm collars make sure nothing is loose.

4.) Repair any Nail pops. 

5.) Repair any Loose or Missing Shingles.

6.) Get in the Attic to make sure the Soffits do not have insulation blocking free air flow. Check all sheathing to make sure there is no dry rot.

7.) Check the Ridge Vent on the Roof peak to make sure everything is nailed tight and all Hip & Ridge capping is in good shape.

8.) Check any Skylights for Cracks, Leaks or Fogged glass/plastic.

9.) Check all guttering to make sure nothing is clogged and that the gutters are nailed tight so all Rain water flows properly.

10.) Make sure any Tree branches are not resting on the Roof, If any excessive Tree limbs are hanging over the home suggest a Tree Removal company come out to trim back the branches.

These are the basics for a typical Asphalt Shingled Roofing system. Obviously if there have been leaks or water stains on the ceilings you need to pinpoint the cause and fix it promptly and if the Roof seems like it has too many things wrong or the granules are simply coming off the shingles suggest Roof Replacement.