Mooresville NC Hail Storm Damaged Roofing:On 3/25/12 areas of Mooresville NC Experienced a Hail Storm with Hail Stones up to 1.75" in Size. Many folks have reported Roofing and Siding Damage in the Mooresville Area close to the Lake Norman Air Field. The storm lasted about 20 -30 minutes and hit about 3am in the morning on sunday and by 6am we were receiving calls from customers who wanted someone to come out for a free roof inspection to check for damage.  If you think your Mooresville home may have a hail damaged roof and would like one of our Roof Inspectors to come out please call us at 704 549-9393 or visit us at or Right now we are offering $500 off Full Roof Replacement for homes with over 25 squares (2500 sq ft of shingles which some homes 1800 heated sq ft inside have). Lake Norman residents trust Room 2 Roof as a Top local Roofing and Restoration Contractor in North Carolina, we have locations in Charlotte, Kannapolis and Salisbury NC